Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer, contact our support team.

Planning Your Trip

Do you assist with Vietnam visas?

Yes we do. Our staff have years of experience assisting with Vietnam visas. Feel free to contact us.

What’s the best cruise duration? 1-day, 2-day or 3-days?

1-day cruises tend to feel rushed, when you account for total 3-6 hour transit times to and from Hanoi, you can spend almost as much time travelling to the cruise as enjoying the cruise itself.

The best cruise operators focus on 2 or 3 day cruises. There’s not many mid-to-high range 1-day cruise providers.

If you are not in a rush, 3 day cruises because it provide a relaxed schedule, and the opportunity to enjoy down-time in addition to regular sightseeing activities. You have the chance to explore iconic parts of Halong Bay, offboard activities such as cycling, rock-climbing, exploring a private beach, lying on the boat’s deck taking in the sun, or some private time in the cabins for the romantically inclined.

In case your schedule is tight, 2 day tours are recommended at a minimum. Enjoying Halong Bay’s sunset while sipping a cocktail, looking up the at the stars while cruising through Halong Bay’s iconic ocean is part of the journey. Sleeping overnight on a Halong Bay cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Can I take a Halong Bay cruise if I am pregnant?

It depends. You will need to check both with your doctor and the cruise operator’s terms and conditions. A physician’s letter is required. Normally women in 32 weeks pregnancy should not go on a cruise because it involves activities such as climbing up and down or getting on and off the boat.

If you are in a relationship and do not have children yet, we have heard unconfirmed reports from couples some pregnancies may have been conceived as a result of attending a Halong Bay cruise.

Can I take a Halong Bay cruise if I have an illness or disability?

Due to the limitation of on-board medical facilities on most cruises, if an attendee has either physical or emotional health problems, it’s better to reconsider your trip to protect the safety of yourself and others. Many boats are old and unfortunately are not equipped to handle the needs of the physically disabled.

Do cruises serve children’s meals or cater to special diets?

Yes. Most cruises will do their best to meet dietary requests. Please let us know more than 24-hours before your cruise, to provide the operator enough time to prepare. If you are allergic to any food, require a vegan meal or need a separate menu for your child, please notify us during your booking. It’s also important to remind the cruise manager/staff on about your special diet requirements.

What should I bring to the cruise?

Original passport, credit card and cash are required for all trips.
Other advisable items include swimwear, sunglasses, warm clothes in winter, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, any required medicines.

You may not need to bring iron or hair dryer, most cruises provide these. It’s better to ask our support team for reference. In terms of dining attires, casual clothes are common for most trips, however, smart casual is recommended on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Years, TET Holiday, etc.

We recommend travelling light unless you are going directly to the airport after your cruise, storage space is often limited in the transfer limousine vans. Advise our staff in advance if you intend to go to to the airport directly after your cruise.

Please don’t bring any animals, dangerous, prohibited items or sailor’s hats to your cruise.


Transportation to and from your cruise

Do Halong cruise tours include transfers from Hanoi to Halong and vice versa?

Yes, all Halong cruise tours we choose offer shuttle bus service with an additional charge to pick up and drop off customers at their hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter.

In case shuttle buses cannot approach customers’ hotels due to small alleys or blocked streets, they will wait for clients at the nearest area to the hotels. If you are outside Hanoi Old Quarter, please arrange your own vehicle to our designated pick up place in the city centre at least 24-hours in advance. If you want to head for Hanoi airport or elsewhere after the tour, contact us in advance and we can arrange additional transport.

What time to board and disembark the cruise?

Boarding and return time varies among cruise operators. Please check the cruise page for its itinerary. If you choose to arrive at the port by yourself, we suggest arriving at the port at least 30 minutes before the scheduled boarding time to avoid any hassles, and advise our staff at least 24-hours in advance when booking your ticket. Arriving less than 30 minutes before the cruise’s scheduled departure can lead to the cancellation of your ticket without a refund as cruises adhere to strict schedules.

Billing & Payments

What are the payment methods?

You can pay us via 3 payment methods:
– Paypal: you can checkout via PayPal.
– Credit Card through our Onepay accepts Visa, Master, JCB, CUP, American Express.
– Bank transfer: Please email us for our bank account details and we can arrange a direct bank transfer.

We may accept cash depending on staff availability. We can collect cash at your hotel or preferred meeting point around Hanoi’s old quarter, please contact our support team.

Do I need to pay for sightseeing tickets or other fees at Halong Bay?

No. All essential tickets and fees are covered in your booking. Some cruises offer optional add-on services at an additional cost, such as spa treatment, laundry, bicycle hire, etc.

Booking Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

Can I change to another date after my booking?

Yes, you can if your departure date is greater than 24-hours. If you need to change your tour dates for any reason, please contact our support team as soon as possible.

If your request is 8–30 days prior to the original departure, it may be possible to adjust your trip date without additional charges, depending on the cruise operator’s terms and conditions. Based on cruise operator’s terms and conditions, a change of departure date may be counted as a booking cancellation and a cancellation fee may be applied. Cancellation fees and refunds are entirely up to the external cruise operator’s booking terms.

Based on availability at the time of your request, we may not be able provide the same cruise on your new date. If so, we will offer an alternative cruise equivalent to your first choice.

Does the price include drinks and beverages?

Ha Long Bay cruise operators may offer complementary bottles of water, tea or coffee with meals but other drinks will be charged, especially alcohol. For further information about inclusions and exclusions in a cruise, check out the cruise page on or contact our support team.

What happens if my cruise is cancelled due to bad weather?

The Management Board of Halong Bay is the authority who decides if cruises in Halong Bay are permitted to sail based on weather conditions. Due to unpredictable weather, cancellation can be announced on very short notice. Be prepared if you plan to take a cruise during July – September, Ha Long Bay’s inclement weather season.

In the event your tour is cancelled in advance due to bad weather and you have not attended your cruise, we may suggest an alternative travel date or issue a full refund.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

If you want to cancel your booking, send a cancellation request to our support team as soon as possible. Please note refund policies and cancellation fees differ for each cruise operator. Cancellation requests less than 24-hours before cruise departure are generally considered a no-show by the external cruise operator and refunds are not available.

If you qualify for a refund, we will refund you via the same payment method. Refunds may take up to 5-10 business days to be processed.