Best Coworking Cafes in Ha Long City



Best Coworking Cafes in Ha Long City, Vietnam

Posted By : Kim Nguyen/ 868

Best Coworking Cafes in Ha Long City, Vietnam

Let’s face it… Halong Bay isn’t famous for its cafe scene. Halong Bay is famous for thousands of small islands jutting out of luminous blue ocean. But if you want to catch up on some work, here’s the good news…

The undiscovered Ha Long city provides the same breath-taking scenery as a Halong Bay cruise—without the crowds. Read on as I walk you through my top-5 coworking cafes in Ha Long, with reliable Wi-Fi, long opening hours, and, most importantly, great coffee…

Best Coworking Cafes in Ha Long City

1. Highlands Coffee – Vincom Plaza, Ha Long.

If you’re the type of person that likes working with a view, Highlands Coffee at Ha Long’s Vincom Plaza can’t be beat. Halong Bay’s notorious islands and blue ocean is right—there… Literally, in front of your face…

Highlands Coffee is a bit like the Starbucks of Vietnam. The only difference, they know how to make coffee without tasting bitter and burned (sorry Starbucks). English can be touch-and-go, but they have English menus, and staff are happy to help.

Wi-Fi’s fast and reliable. Unspoiled by tourists. And a stunning view. Last I checked, Banh My costs about $1.50 USD, possible contender for the cheapest lunch in the world.

Mon–Sun, 7am-10pm
Highlands Coffee, Vincom Plaza

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2. Cong Caphe – Ha Long, Bai Chay

If you’re the type that likes to sip on coffee and catch up on emails in an underground military bunker—I know just the place!..

Cong Caphe is another famous cafe across Vietnam, known for Vietcong-themed decor.

This cafe doesn’t have views of Ha Long Bay like Highlands, but they make a Caphe Sua Da (coffee with iced coconut) that’ll impress the most difficult-to-please coffee connoisseur.

Usually quiet, you might be interrupted by a quick bus load of tourists for a break, when a boat stops nearby. Internet is fast, free and reliable.

Mon-Sun, 7am-11.30pm.
Cong Caphe, Bai Chai

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3. Nam Phong Coffee Vinhomes – Dragon Bay, Ha Long

If you’re more the strong, silent type, first, give me your telephone number, second, I have the perfect cafe recommendation… Nam Phong Coffee Vinhomes features two-levels of quiet, comfortable, padded seat wonderfulness—what’s up with uncomfortable wooden chairs in cafes, seriously?

It even has a grand piano if you get the feeling for belting out some Adele tunes. And, it has a stunning view of Dragon Bay, part of Ha Long bay.

Coffee is good, staff are friendly, Wi-Fi is reliable. Only downside is the lack of food options, make sure you grab a bite nearby, before or after work.

Mon-Sun, 7am-11pm
Nam Phong Coffee Vinhomes, Dragon Bay

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4. Lighthouse Coffee – Hong Gai, Ha Long.

Like to end a working session with a beer? Lighthouse coffee sits prominently at the top of Hong Gai island, offering stunning views of both Halong Bay and Ha Long city, spanning 2 levels filled with comfortable lounges and floor-to-ceiling windows—so you can take in the amazing view.

Lighthouse coffee features some of the best views available in Ha Long, just be warned, they need to update their maps listing, they close at 12am midnight—or, sometimes 15-minutes earlier, if staff are tired and want to start smoking those giant wooden pipe things filled with tobacco.

Mon-Fri, 10am-12pm
Lighthouse Coffee, Hong Gai

5. The nuclear option.

I told you I would give my top-5 favourite coworking cafes in Ha Long. I lied… There’s more than 5.

There’re thousands of local cafes you’ve probably walked past and never entered. You know the type. Filled with the older generation smoking cigarettes, gossiping about family, probably gambling, letting time fly.

Walk in, pull up a seat, puff out your chest and act like a local. The staff won’t speak a word of English, but you’ll be treated like celebrity—and the coffee is cheap—like, 65 cents cheap!

If you don’t know what to ask for, Ca Phe Den Da is traditional Vietnamese black coffee with ice—its chemical composition closely resembles rocket fuel and it’ll get you cranking out emails in no-time.

If you like a bit of sweetness with your rocket fuel, you can ask for Ca Phe Phin—traditional Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. And if you like your rocket fuel sweet and ice cold, you can ask for Ca Phe Sua Da.

There you have it, my top-5 recommendations. You probably won’t get reliable Wi-Fi or comfortable seating at my last recommendation, but it’s worth 20-minutes experiencing Vietnamese coffee like a real local!


Kim has been showing travellers amazing experiences in Hanoi’s old quarter, and Ha Long Bay's stunning oceans for 12-years. Kim is the co-founder and Chief Tour Guide of Halong Bay Deals.